Fast querying for closest neighbors on KD-trees with mapping of arbitrary data from source to target point cloud.
For more information check the "help" area in the node's AE template.

In addition to the node, there is a Python class that will allow you to conveniently utilize kdTree searches in your our own scripts or particle expressions. Look for "kdTree (print info) under the second button on the SOuP shelf for more information about how to use it.

Didn't have time to create example scenes. Attaching here one to get you going. The workflow is pretty simple really.

Added icons for the collide and kdTree nodes.

update from 2017-02-05
The paintMeshNormals tool was scheduled for yesterday's release, but i forgot to include it in the rush. Did it now in this re-release. Apologize for the confusion.

Fixed two small bugs in the kdTree node that could lead to NaN in the outDataPP arrays.
New example scene:
and video:

Comb mesh normals with the Artisan brush.
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Wow, that sounds fantastic.


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David l
Looking forward to take this for a spin, it sounds very promising, thanks Peter! :)
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I updated the last release for missing tool and 2 bug fixes in the kdTree node.
Added new example video and scene.
Please, read the initial post in this thread.
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Hi Peter, TNX for hard work you do on this tools!
I've found an exception that crash Maya immediately on collision node:
1) Create a collision between two objects
2) Select the collision object and add it as deformed
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I thought i put code about cases like this, will check and fix.
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Thank you Peter ! Wonderful addon :)
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Rock on !!!

Every time Peter , you get a way to read my mind and what I need !!!

Thank you so much !
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I run a clairvoyant business on the side, which comes in handy :)
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