Powerful toolset for geometry collisions.
- high-quality collisions and bulging
- speed - extra care was taken to ensure maximum performance in every case
- complete control over every aspect of the workflow
   - global settings
   - per-deformed object overrides
   - per-collision object - per-deformed objects overrides
- tight integration with the rest of the SOuP nodes - normal/membership/weightmap modifiers, etc
- well structured UI (implemented as an AE template) makes all features convenient and easy to use
- python API

And the best yet - you will rarely use any of them !
Intelligent algorithm takes care pretty much everything in the most cases.

These are few hints only.
The real explanation will fallow shortly in the form of a video tutorial.
In the mean time you can check the example videos below (available also in the examples page) and play with the corresponding scenes (there are more scenes not represented here).

Use the "controller" to turn-on/off any of the 3 deformers - observe performance and quality.
Keep in mind how complex is the topology of the used collision object.

Basic bulging controlled with ramp.

Basic workflow steps:
select one or more mesh objects and click the "collide" item under the first button on the SOuP shelf.
Open the collide's node AE template and duplicate it - this is now your UI.
Select other mesh objects, expand the "collision objects" field and press "use as collision objects.
They will appear in the list there. Select any one of them to see the corresponding controls.
This is enough to get you going until i finish the video tutorial.

Minor update to keep construction history for baked geo.

Fixed bug in the Util moduile that caused the getMatrixRotation function to fail.

Multiple emitters assigned to the same container now work properly in auto-resize mode.

Minor AE template tweaks - selection is preserved now when reordering input objects in the listFixed bug in the arbitrary data copy-stamping mechanism that could lead to crash in some cases.

Fixed command line argument bug.

Added new output that returns face ids for mesh shells.

Fixed bug that caused multiple combination targets to be triggered under specific conditions.
Important fix in the python API that could lead to some combination targets not to be calculated properly !

A new simple tool that provides fast and convenient jiggle functionality.
Select geometry object (or points from it) and run it.
If nothing is selected just the control jiggle structure will be created.


Example scenes archive and web pages updated accordingly.

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David l
This sounds absolutely brilliant!
Thank you Peter!
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Collisions sound very good and all of the updates too !
Thanks Peter.
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Fantastic work Peter !!

Thank you so much !

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Hi Peter TNX for the new release and deformer.
I have a question about collide node, if I select one or more object and press deform selected object under deformed object Maya return this: // Error: line 1629: No object matches name:
I'm running Maya 2017 on Windows 10 machine.
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I noticed that too.
Try selecting the points of the object and it should be fine.
Will expand the selection to points before adding to the deformer set in the next update.
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Tnx Peter for reply,
your workaround work but only if not all point are selected, in this case give:
// Warning: line 1629: No objects were added to the set
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Will address this shortly.

Please re-download the latest SOuP archive.
I somehow didn't include the new OSX builds in it. Did it now.
Also, a minor tweak to the morph python API made its way into this new version.
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A little request, can you add a methods for connect mesh as deform, something like this:
TNX, again.
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There is a simple wrapper as part of collide node's AE template:
Select some geometry,  then run: add_defobj_COLLIDE("myCollideNode");
But it is in mel, which may make it messy to integrate in a python code.

Otherwise you can use directly the "sets" command in Maya:
objectSet = mc.listConnections("myCollideNode", t="objectSet")[0]
mc.sets(, fe=objectSet)
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Hi Peter,
it work, TNX for support and for this new amazing deformer.
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This release is crazy with the collide. This is really cool. Waiting for the tutorial to understand it better. Peter you have done it again. Thank you so much for the collide deformer.
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Hi Peter

I can't find the collision deformer scenes in the scene archive in the tool page, what are their names ?

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I will try to get the video tut out over the upcoming weekend. Too busy with what not and that delays me.


Make sure you download the latest archive.
The scenes start with collide_*
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Brilliant Peter!!!
Thx so much.
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