Multiple minor bugfixes and improvements, mostly related to dealing with split maps.

Fixed crash when inRgbPP does not match the number of points.
Added support for RGBA, until now it was just RGB.
Added options not to process instances with 0 surface area. This improves performance in many cases.
(In the next update i will try to improve performance in a significant way).

This node have been redesigned from the ground up. I will post a video tutorial outlining the main concepts in one of the next days. Basically i am done with half-measures and taking this to a whole new level. :)
At creation time a whole nodal network is assembled and connected for you. So you can pick from multiple representations - elements drawn on screen only, meshed links, instances, meshed instances.
The node now generates and faces in addition to the links.
Data is output in an instancing friendly format that can be used in many different ways (including MASH's repro node, etc).
Plenty of new options and controls.
Even the node does a lot more than before it is also faster than previous versions.

EDIT (forgot to list another update that made it into this release):

Added substep emission. A new attribute .inSubstepVelocityPP is available on the node. Connect to it computeVelocity.outVelocityPP or other data you have to perform substep emission. If nothing is connected to this attribute then vectors from .inVelocityPP will be used. If no data and there - then no substep emission can be performed.
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David l
Sounds like a ton of fun stuff to play with tomorrow! Thanks Peter :)
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Cool.. Thanks Peter.

Small problem though: I think the archive might contain an older version of the windows 2015 build.

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Will check and correct if something is off.
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You were right. Fixed the archive.
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Here is a short video tutorial outlining some of the main cocoon features and workflow aspects.
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Hi Pshipkov, Really love the instancer manager. Hope it gets even better. With the scatter node relating to the instancer manager. Is it possible to scatter the points on mesh faces too apart from volume and surface.
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WOW the Cocoon Node got an awesome update !!! Thanks so Much Peter! that's crazy some many possibilities 
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