Here is a question about the commands of SOuP.
What is the purpose of the "boolean" arg for command like "create(soupnode,bool) " ?


Btw...SOuP definitly needs a documentation ( sorry for that, I know that you already know that :) ).
Need a hand for that ?

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::create("nodeType", bSkipSel=False, bForce=False)
if bSkipSel = True the new node will be automatically selected at creation time, this is set to False by default
if bForce = False the method will create only SOuP nodes and ignore an attempt to create a "transform" node for example, if set to True it will create whatever node you ask it to.

I know, documentation is badly needed, but my hands are already full with just keeping things up and running. Not sure when exactly will have time for docs. You are welcome to contribute anything you get - notes, tutorials, video tuts, anything. It will be appreciated.

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Ok thanks for that.
Will try to contribute.

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