Bruce Lee
Hi, what plans are there for vdb to have its own tools?

Soup's tools are very good, tools can save users a lot of time.

Now using vdb, everything needs to build a node graph from scratch. Even a simple cloud needs to be very familiar with vdb's technology, and it takes a long time to build nodes.

In Houdini, it is very easy to make a cloud, just select the object, click on the tool button, and all the required nodes are preset to the user. This is very convenient.

I recommend vdb to have its own tools like soup and houdini. Now that vdb is getting more powerful, it should have a number of pre-built tools that will help us create the desired results in a short amount of time.

For example, various small clouds, large clouds, atmosphere, various types of explosions. and many more. . .

Thanks peter and besha for their hard work!
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Point taken. Adding it to my to-do list. Somewhere at the top of it.
I also felt that set of automation tools for OVDB will be a good addition to the toolkit.
In the meantime i recommend you using SOuP's smartConnect. It makes the assembly of OVDB nodal networks very easy.
Do you have a list of tools that you would like to see implemented.
Clouds is one of them.
What else you are missing ?

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Bruce Lee
such as,
1. Atmosphere on the sky
2. Morning fog
3. Blue smoke floating in the deep mountains. (Important. There are many effects in the lens)
4, There is an explosion of fire and smoke.
5. Only the explosion of smoke.
6 Rockets and jets of smoke. (Important. Path is curved, and long, long smoke)
7. VDB broken. (Important. Maya has not yet had a perfect crushing tool. For example, it can combine the scatter of the soup, the VDB crushing objects, etc. All vdb crushing methods.)
8. Deformation. Perfect vdb deformation.
9. Combine with the Biforst to create a real water mist above the particles.
10. Add details to Maya's fluid.
and many more. .

Others will continue to supplement later.

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Thanks for the feedback.
Will consider it.
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Bruce Lee
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Bruce Lee
VDB cannot be displayed as a good-looking voxel in maya, only white. This does not seem intuitive.

In the tool, can there be a switch, or what options. The user is prompted to add BE_VDBToMayaFluid by default. This can be seen intuitively.

Thank you!
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