Hey Peter, I love the outline tool but I have a few sugestions that I find while modeling...
Maybe you can add this options to settings panel:

I would love to view texture borders while uving...
Option to view the wireframe at any time without deactivate the outline tool.

Maybe the panel settings can be:

[Checkbox] Outline (by defautl)
[Checkbox] Texture borders
[Checkbox] Hard edges
[Checkbox] Selection component wireframe
[Checkbox] Full wireframe

Hope you like it,

3D Supervisor
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Really like it.
Working now on your suggestion about windows installer.
Once done with it will update the outline system.
Will be in the next update.
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You make my day man...

Thank you.

3D Supervisor
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So, i am looking at your request in more depth now and have few questions.

Hard edges is available by default in Maya. Do you want to completely bypass it and rely exclusivelly on Outline ?

Can you be more specific about "selection component wireframe" and "full wireframe". Once i started thinking what exactly they mean, things started getting fuzzy with the workflow and what is displayed on screen.

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