Hey Soupers,

Thank you for releasing this incredibly useful tool.

I have a question about using BE_VDBArnoldRender node and using a particle attribute as a color or custom AOV specifically on an implicit limit surface. Is this supported? I am on Maya 2017 Update 4 and Arnold

I am reading a bifrost particle cache from disk passing data (velocity, vorticity) to the BE_VDBArnoldRender node to render an implicit surface, with aiStandard shader, the surface looks great, I have motion blur working, but I would like to use other attributes in the shading tree.

Can I access a float or color attribute (vorticity, temperature, etc.), possibly with aiUserDataFloat or aiUserDataColor or similar method? I have tried but nothing seems to come through.
These attributes work fine when rendering as points or a volume, it is just the limit surface I am not seeing anything come through.
Maybe I am missing something simple.

Thank you!


EDIT: I am working around this by using the basic method of generating a full mesh and passing the attributes to the mesh using BE_VDBAttributeFromVDB and arrayToPointColor. This works fine, but it would be even more slick to be able to pass these attributes to the implicit surface. Hopefully this will be/is already possible. Thanks!
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Sorry for the long answer
Now supports only SDF grid to build object and Velocity grid for the motion blur
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