There is some confusion about installing, I hope it makes sense, let me know. These is for the updated tools, the way Besha explains on his Youtube is deprecated since in the mean time he packaged them more elegantly. And as always thank you Besha, without you all our clouds would be gloomy.
(ovdb folder is the one you unpacked from the download, 2016.5 could be 2016, USERNAME depends on your user, this is the default install directory for Arnold if your is different use that folder to copy shaders and extensions and the folder at step 1 can be anywhere else and named anything else, you choose, just make sure that the mod file you copy to your maya user folder points to it :) )

1. create folder:
C:\Program Files\Openvdb for Maya

2. copy
all from
C:\Program Files\Openvdb for Maya

3. copy
C:\Program Files\Openvdb for Maya\maya20165.mod
to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\maya\2016.5\modules

4. edit C:\Program Files\Openvdb for Maya\maya20165.mod
make it point to the folder created in step 1. like this:
+ maya2016.5 1.0 C:\Program Files\Openvdb for Maya

5. copy the shelve file: shelf_OpenVdb.mel
C:\Program Files\Openvdb for Maya\shelves\shelf_OpenVdb.mel

OpenVdb for maya plugins installed. Now to install openVdb shaders and extensions for arnold, these are required.

1. copy

2. copy

Load plugins...

(let me know if it works or not and I propose to pin the topic if useful)
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Here is what i do, considering ArnoldForMaya is installed and loaded.
Load the shelf through the standard shelf load menu.
Use the plugin manager to locate the plugin and load it.

Studio deployment can be done in the way you explained - using modules, or by tweaking the maya.env paths in prefs or a studio-wide location.
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Priceless pshipkov, never thought about it that way :D Thank you for the tip.
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