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Hello, i am getting an issue with converting bifrost to VDB when i try to export the velocity. 

Whenever i try checking the "Export Velocity VDB" option in the "VDBFromParticles" node, it gives me an error saying,

"Skipped 'vel' gridSource, unsupported type. Only Scalar LEVEL SET grid supported."

I don't know why this is happening.


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Ur error comes from the FilterSDF node (I guess). Inside that node you need to select/specify the SDF source (ie surface)

In fact when you check "Export Velocity VDB" you are creating a new volume (made of vectors). So when you connect the "VDBFromParticles" to the "FilterSDF" you get that error. As the name said filterSDF works on Signed Distance Field only (float values). That's why you need to specify a source (and not * which means filter all the incoming sources)
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Thank you, that was what i needed to change to fix it.  But now i get a new error saying,

"// Warning: arrayToPointColor1: inRgbaPP array length does not match the point count."

Whenver i plug the "VDBAttributeFromVDB" node into the "arrayToPointColor" node. I have checked on point position in the "pointAttributeToArray" and i have specified i want the vel grid in the VDBAttribute node. 

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I managed to fix the issue. I HAD forgotten to check on point position, sorry for the trouble.
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