For Windows and Linux.
What's new and what changes

added BE_VDBRemoveDivergence Remove Divergence  in velocity grids
added BE_VDBSwitch  Switch vdb inputs
added BE_VDBAdvectPoints AdvectPoints from velocity and closest point grids
added BE_VDBRemap Remap vdb grids

added BE_VDBAttributeFromVDB get AttributeFromVDB
this is not the same as BE_VDBGetData
this is get value from grids and set value to point cloud
using the method of closest point
works very fast (multi thread)

added BE_VDBLOD Produces a sequences of progressively lower resolution grids
added BE_Fit Fit double and vector array
added BE_Ramp remap double and vector array
added BE_Switch switch input vector array

for BE_VDBRead and BE_VDBArnoldRender added Retime and Frame
if Frame > 0 and Retime == false
time = static frame 
what you pointed in Frame
if Frame > 0 and Retime == true
time += Frame or time -=Frame

for BE_VDBArnoldRender Added when you create is automatically generated and assigned to the Shader aiVolumeCollector
to work in mode Use Custom Shader

for  BE_VDBArnoldRender fix bug in batch render
if you did a render for example 100 frames and sequence VDB files was less than 100 batch did not work

for Arnold 
procedurals BE_volume_openvdb removed
now uses volume_openvdb from standart mtoa pack

for users of maya 2016.5
do not forget switch Viewport 2.0(Open GL Core Profile) to Viewport 2.0(Open GL)

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Added BE_VDBRebuildLevelSet for rebuild grids.
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Thank you Evgeny for the video tut :)

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EDIT : ok got it, environnment problem here, mtoadeploy dll are deleted ( cause of some kind of sync with our server ), Will come back when it's fixed.

Hi, first of all, thanks for those plugins !

Btw I tried to install the last build and got some questions/problems ( windows 7, maya 2016 sp6 ):

- I loaded/displayed succesfully a VDB in the viewport but it is not rendered at all ( black in Arnold, with no alpha ), that same VDB loaded in a aiVolume in the same scene, next to VolumeOpenVdbNode, render well. Any idea where the problem could be ?

See this picture, on the right, the aiVolume ( with alpha ), on the left...nothing in the, no alpha...but the VolumeOpenVdbNode is here...


- the legacy Viewport is slow (especially in density points preview style) , is there a way to use viewport 2.0 in Maya 2016

Thanks !
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Me again,

I tried to add some path to the maya2016.mod :

+ maya2016 1.0 D:/openVdbForMaya

A getenv in Maya shows that those paths are corretly setted.
But the VolumeOpenVdbNode remains black/no alpha...
There's no error messages loading the scene or rendering...

Any idea ?

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first do not use node VolumeOpenVdbNode (support completed and the node is removed)
use node BE_VDBArnoldRender it is included in the plugin BE_OpenVDB

it support VP2.0
auto-detection grids in channels auto setup channels for procedural
and more

install the latest version BE_OpenVDB
for arnold
copy BE_VDBArnoldRenderTranslator.dll or for linux
in C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2016\extensions
and copy aiBE_VDBArnoldRender.dll or for linux
in C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2016\shaders
or in system variables ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH = the path where aiBE_VDBArnoldRender.dll

BE_VDBArnoldRenderTranslator.dll should be in the folder C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\your version\extensions necessarily


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Hello, it's me again.

Can't manage to make it work.

I installed the plugins following this video :
I followed each steps ( plugins, shelves, icons, scripts etc etc )
The dll's are now in the official mtoadeploy etc etc 

I can load a vdb with BE_VDBArnoldRender, I can see it, switch to surface etc etc but when rendering, I got nothing.

Is there a way to know if everything is correctly installed ?


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what version of mtoa?
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Arnold Core
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render and and give me arnold.log
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Here it is.

Some warnings about BE_* but not much.
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strange aiBE_VDBArnoldRender.dll and BE_VDBArnoldRenderTranslator.dll
loaded without problems
render and give me this .ass

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Here it is.

( fyi, I did some paths/projectname changes in the .log and the .ass to avoid some leaks )


Here is a screenshot of my maya scene vs arnold renderview
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first you have not the latest version

should be dso "d:/solidangle/mtoadeploy/2016//procedurals/volume_openvdb.dll"
you can C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2016\procedurals
to make a copy volume_openvdb.dll and rename this copy to BE_volume_openvdb.dll

second mistake

zero grids selected

should be
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