Sorry only for Windows now,for Linux soon.
What's new and what changes

support maya 2016.5
for maya 2014 the support is finished (Sorry) the archive will remain the old version

BE_VDBFracture Level set fracturing
BE_VDBTopologyMask creates a mask grid of the point positions or VDB grids

BE_VDBFromMask creates Level set and dense grid from mask grid
BE_VDBRay geometry projections using level set ray intersections or closest point queries
BE_VDBRename Rename vdb grid
BE_AntiAliasedFlowNoise multithreaded AntiAliasedFlowNoise for vector and double array
BE_TurbulenceNoise multithreaded TurbulenceNoise for vector and double array
BE_WorleyNoise multithreaded WorleyNoise for vector and double array
BE_SetPoints set points position to mesh
BE_MathVec simple math operations for vector array
BE_MathFlt simple math operations for double array

BE_VectorToFloat now multithreaded
BE_FloatToVector now multithreaded
BE_VDBFromParticles in mode voxelizedPoint added smoothing
BE_VDBFill added Dense mode
BE_VDBActivate added Dense mode
BE_VDBSetData added Float grid as Vec grid and Vec grid as Float grid
BE_VDBConvertVDB in mode Convert to polygons added 
Use RefMesh,Sharpen Features,Edge Tolerance ,Invert Normal.

VolumeOpenVdbNode added the option to use a color ramp or just the color,
added gamma correct for each of the color ramp
now instancer support for arnold render

fixes a bug when creating the VolumeOpenVdbNode in the node editor

for work plugin needed  arnold sdk and above or installed mtoa

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First !

Thanks Evgeny.
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Too bad this doesn't work with mental ray; I know, some say mental ray is old; I continue to use it.
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Here is my python script demo to generate proxy out of highPoly using openVDB by besha.

Video link

Script link

Thnx besha & peter.
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Luv it !
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I guess this wouldnt work with Vray either? latest  version?
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You can render openVDB cache files with the vrayVolumeGrid node in vray. So similar workflow you would do here, just using vray's built in node opposed to one that is in this plugin.
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