Bruce Lee
You know that both the particles and the cloth have pp attribute.
But the hair does not have the pp attribute, or does not have the pp attribute to the user. Can there be a node, nHairToArrays?

thank you! peter.  : )
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There is not much available in the Maya public API about the hair system.
Let me sniff around and see what i find lurking inside the node, but for now my hopes are low :)

There are two nodes in SOuP: curvesToPointCloud and blendCurves.
Some guys requested this a long ago.
With this you can combine all the curves of a hair system into a single point cloud and with blendCurves (and/or other soup nodes) you can manipulate them at once - basically escaping the bottleneck Maya has when dealing with many individual objects.
There is an example scene that you can check.
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