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Download and try again.
Read the readme.txt - pay attention to #5.

Long story short. I am hitting a specific bug in the clang++ compiler and had use GCC instead.
As a result two libraries need to be supplied if missing in the OSX installation on your side.
I had two options - don't include the upresFluid node in the SOuP build but make thing plug and play,
or keep all the nodes in the build but ask the user to copy the two libraries inside the Maya dir.
Opted for #2.

Let me know how it goes.

I will take a look at your case soon. Just wanted to say that i didn't forget you.

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Cool...! Thank you for your response. 
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TNX Peter now it works! But did you think there is a way to link the two libraries to a relative path?
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Bit late to reply here, but just wanted to report that the latest release is working for me now on CentOS 6.5 with Maya 2016.5.

Thanks Peter! :)
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good to hear things are working for you guys.

@ indrema
The problem is that the libraries do not exist on a vanilla 10.11, so i have to provide them.
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