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instance manager - Nicely done Peter! :)
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Ah good stuff. Especially been aching for that Scatter clipping by camera. Thanks!
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I'm trying to understand how to launch the instanceManager UI? From all the docs and videos I can't seem to find the command to launch it (or even see where it is in the SOuP_2016_05_14.tar.gz).

I can create the instancer node but that looks to be another UI shown in the examples video. 

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Toast wrote:
I'm trying to understand how to launch the instanceManager UI?

You'll find it under the Wrench icon on the Soup shelf.
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That explains it. 

The shelf loads completely blank on my copy of Maya. Not icons missing - but completely empty. I tried to manually recreate the shelf but obviously it didn't work out because I don't get the context menu under the spanner icon. 

I'm on a windows environment but we use RedirectedFolders (server 2008r2), so our "My Documents/Maya" folders is on the server instead of local computer which maybe why the shelf_soup.mel imports blank. 

I also know though that there is a similar Maya Bug for shelf's - chaos group devs mentioned this with V-Ray a few months ago which could also be the issue.

Edit: Got the shelf to work in the end. It manually has to be created for whatever reason on my end though. Putting in the folder or loading it via Maya's UI results in a blank shelf. 

Maya 2016.5 / Win10x64
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Having the same issue, blank shelf, but plugin loading Ok, how did you fix it????
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