Before everything i want to announce that Jack Straw joined the project by contributing two  tools that are part of the new release - blendArrays and pointCloudToMultiCurve.

uvToMesh - convert UV layouts to mesh geometry
meshToUv - convert mesh geometry to UV layouts
Using these two nodes we gain ultimate control over the UV points. Convert the uvs to mesh, apply deformers, animate, reposition vertices by hand or using other procedural approaches, then convert the final result back to UV points.
blendArrays - add/subtact, mult, divide, etc the elements of two (double, int, vector, etc) arrays
componentToComponent - convert between mesh components based on their relationshipt (verts to face, edges to uvs, etc)
pointCloudToMultiCurve - auto-generate multiple nurbs curves from provided point cloud, live garbage collection, etc.
splitRgba - split incoming rgba stream into its r g b a components (as separate output arrays)

displayDriver (framework)
- displayDriver node - draw user defined geometry (icons, lines, primitives) in OpenGL, hard to explain with few words, check the provided example scenes
- IconsDesigner - design your own OpenGL icons that can be 2D or 3D objects with unique look and features
- SlidersManager - animation sliders with many "pro" features. Open the UI and then check the provided example scene. Make sure Maya can "see" the background image.
- DisplayDriverManager - high-level manipulation of displayDriver nodes in the scene.

- paintable retarget node
- paintable time offset node
- displayAttributes node has many new features

- small bugfix in the scatter node that led to crash in specific situations
- fixed Windows related bug in the upresFluid node that led to crashes when second pass turbulence is applied
- fixed bug in the smooth deformer that led to crash when empty mesh on the input
- bakeAnimation now works properly when the Time Units are set to other than 24FPS

what is missing from the planned:
- miArrayToTexture2D - couldn't figure out how MR handles arrays until Chad Dombrova gave me the solution. Will implement it soon.
- handy scriptie that simplifies the pointCloudToMultiCurve setup. Will add it soon.


Web pages updated accordingly.
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Big thanks for the update Peter. There is plenty of exciting stuff there to keep me busy.

In particular, and since it didn't get a mention in the new features, thanks for adding the $NODE variable to the point node. This is going to be a big help with referencing rigs.


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Awesome updates Peter! The pointCloudToMultiCurve and displayDriver nodes especially sound exciting!

A huge thanks to you and your colleagues for the continued efforts, developments and support!
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Yeah this sounds like a fantastic release. Thanks to Peter, Jack and other contributors.
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The download link is busted, maybe you are in the middle of processing it.
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Fine and useful updates. many thanks
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Welcome Jack! Was great working with you a few months ago... hope it's going well for you - pointCloudToMultiCurve sounds like Christmas come early!
As always Peter, thanks for this - some exciting stuff. 

Segway all the way!
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Great, thank you!
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excited to start using the new nodes! thanks Peter as usual and also welcome Jack.

 I already started planing how I will be using these new nodes
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Wow great job ! :)
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thanks for the smooth fix!
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For  those slow like me, if you have problems downloading a broken link - refresh your page.
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Found a cool use for the mapToMesh and MeshToMap tool. Now that we can easily control UV points using deformers we can therefore animate particles on a surface by controlling their goalU and Vs the same way, nice.
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The pointToMultiCurve node seems quite fast from the example scene!

Peter, Maya keeps crashing on me if I try to create a displayaDriver node as a shape node of the selected transform. This is with 2012 in Windows XP.
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noizfactory wrote: The pointToMultiCurve node seems quite fast from the example scene!

Peter, Maya keeps crashing on me if I try to create a displayaDriver node as a shape node of the selected transform. This is with 2012 in Windows XP.

Thats odd, pointToMultiCurve gives me the spinning ball of death on OSX, haven't tried displayDriver yet.
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