I have noticed my Maya 2017 crashes quite frequently when ever I run Bullet or nHair. Looks like I might need to upgrade a component in my machine.

So I was wondering what component the Bullet system leans most heavily on, is it the GPU or maybe the CPU or maybe the motherboard?  Hopefully I can get away with just updating the one component that Bullet leans the heaviest on. 

BTW my machine is..
  • Intel Core i7-3770K CPU @ 3.5GHz
  • 16 Gb memory
  • GPU NVIDIA Quadro 2000 with 4Gb RAMDAC
  • win7 64bit


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Your GPU seems to be a bit old, but nothing that should lead to a crash.
If you can pass a specific scene so more of us can give it a try - we may be able to provide some feedback.
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Using Maya 2017 I simply created a ground plane object and then a sphere and a cube. I made the ground a passive object and the sphere and the cube a active object and froze all scaling. But if I try to change the spheres collision shape to "sphere". Then turn on the display "Collision Shape" found in the bullet node attribute. Maya will crash. 

Does it crash for you to? 
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