Hi guys,

I am trying to find a robust/elegant and procedural solution in Maya but I am unable.

Is there any similar node/action/tool in soup/maya to Houdini's Intersectionanalysis Node??



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There are plenty of different solutions in SOuP dealing with geometry intersections.
Do you have a particular problem you need to solve, or just asking in general ?
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I am thinking generally, but my intention was to use it to draw a curve or point cloud to use it for procedural modeling (welding) or for dynamics, collisions, sparks ... etc ...

I love the way that houdini works with this node, easy in, easy out.

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There are plenty of tools in SOuP that deal with this kind of stuff and more.

Take a look at the attached scene.
To replicate the result:
Run "intersections" under the second SOuP shelf button.
Click "initialize".
Select the objects you want to track intersections for and click the "add" button.

Examine the other options of the "intersections" menu.

This video tutorial explains how to track and resolve self-intersections.
The underlying node can also output a list with the intersecting triangles. This list can be converted to points or other geometry primitives using the componentToComponent node.

Take a look at the rayProjection node.

Hope this helps.

I know i am not doing good job at advertising and documenting features, so for many people it is hard to keep track of what's in today's soup.
The best way to find out is to search the forums and/or the examples page and/or the example scenes.
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Hello Peter . Thanks for referring me to the material, it looks good.
As soon as I investigate, I'll tell you anything.

I swear that I spent some time looking for the forum something similar, but for the keywords I was looking for, I did very little.

Do not flagell yourself because of the material, it is enough everything you are doing for all of us and for other people in other places that are more relevant and do not deserve it, so we can only say that many thanks for all your effort.

It is true that if you had a proper infrastructure and more people (although that would have to change to software and not freeware) you could do a great documentation, tutorials and others, but lose charm, SOUP is like looking for the Holy Grail, xDD.


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Thanks for the kind words.
I btw am exploring the possibility of commercial SOuP with all the attributes that come with it - such as proper support, documentation, learning materials, etc.
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PaintFX has a good option to apply mesh to intersections also and of course using the Attribute Transfer node can transfer weight from one mesh to another for particle emission.
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