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The latest version of the mesh fitting is fantastic! The
I really like this function, can be said to be amazing!

But when I used it, I found a bad place. It is necessary to operate one by one on a point. This will consume time and effort when dealing with a large number of points.

So, I have a suggestion for this mesh fitting function:
I hope it has a feature correspondances that has an automatic connection mode.
There are three options for this automatic connection mode.

1. The distance between the point and the point is closest
2, random point
3, according to the order of the id
and many more
You can think of other ways!

thank peter!!

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i have the same ideas but discovered that there are inherent problems with each one of them.
I found that #2 and #3 are of little use because they tend to create unpredictable relationships between source and target points which leads to undesirable/unpredictable mesh fitting results.
Using #1 i created pretty crazy looking abstract forms that border with plain messy mush of polygons. This case is of no use for organic character/creature work too.
That's why i left things where they are now and looking for your feedback on what can be improved/added/streamlined.
I am a bit hesitant to add your request to my to-do list. Would like to get more feedback before that. :)

Here is how you can add links to random points using the provided Python API:

mf = meshFItting_SOuP()
mf.initialize("mySourceMesh", "myTargetMesh")

import random
for i in range(10):
    id1 = random.randrange(0,100) # pick a random point index between 0 and 100
    id2 = random.randrange(0,200) # pick a random point index between 0 and 200
    mf.addLink(source=id1, target=id2)


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