I'm trying the meshfitting tool based on the tutorial of the human to horse, but I'm getting a different result from the video. 

I loaded the link file from the example scenes. I tried two versions where the inflate paint map was set to full black and the other one was set to white throughout the mesh, but I got very similar results. How can I get the mesh deformation to be in the ballpark?

I'm using Maya 2018. 
My settings were:

init 0.1 1.5 5 2000 True

cfit 0.1 5 False

cfit 0.3 5 False

cfit 0.5 5 False

cfit 0.7 5 False

cfit 0.9 5 False

cfit 1.0 1 False

lpfr 2.0 5

Thank you. 

Click image for larger version - Name: meshFitting.png, Views: 21, Size: 93.30 KB
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Let me take a look at this and get back to you.
I am not in town right now, so it may take 2-3 days before then.
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There is something really really wrong with how Maya2018 handles sets. This looks like a bug on Autodesk's behalf. Worked around it. Fix will be in the next SOuP update. Until then i recommend you to use Maya2017 or early version.
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