Hi all...

i'm looking for a way to have a fast rivet script on maya. 

There is already some option : follicle/mel rivet script/point on poly, etc... but what I'm look for is :

- a node that can work in poly and surface
- uv independant for poly
and the more important : FAST AND MULTUTHREAD. I need to evaluate a lot of constraint for a rig, so I need one node, with multiple input, that give me a lot of output, evaluate in C++ and optimized. 
- can work with face

Is someone have this node, or know how to do it? I know there is a vertex contraint on Soup, but is that can work with face too?? and how to optimize it for a lot fo constraint? 
And for surface? 

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SouP vertexConstraint is fast and UV independent but works on points only. It is a single node, single input multiple outputs. Which makes it easy to deal with.
Maya Follicles are fast, work with faces but rely on UVs. Individual nodes that require more management.
Both systems have similar performance.
Go with them and don't look back.

There are new constraints in Maya - pointOnPoly and closestPoint but they are very slow.
Everything else is clunky and with terrible performance.
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.... aaaaand i just realized that the multithreading in the vertexConstraint was turned off for the last few releases. I guess i left it like that accidentally while testing something.
Will be fixed in the next version - performance will increase 3 times compared to what we have in the current SOuP version (which is still pretty good and on par with the follicles).
Better later than never.
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great, good to know :)
And do you think you can add the ability to constraint to face and offseting on the face space also? :) 

Thx a lot...
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To provide support for offset in face space will most likely require a new node.
Before we get there, can you confirm what exactly is not working for you in the follicles ?
You mentioned in the other thread that they are slow, but many people including me used in pretty complex cases and they held just fine.
I remember having hundreds and hundreds of them riding on top of complex deforming geometry with lots of deformers and what not applied to it and it was ok - not realtime, but workable.
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