Am I able to use a setAttr in the point node for example to change another nodes attributes? Ive tried doing that in the start block inside a point node but the attribute wont change...

`setAttr "pointOnCurveInfo1.parameter" 0.1`;

Do the two nodes need to be connected somehow like through message for example? 
Feeling a tad stoopid right now.


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Hey Jeremy,
You've probably already solved this by now, but I've found connecting the attribute I want to change via inMessageList, and putting something like this in the start block works:

in the startBlock:

string $listInput[] = `listConnections -p true ($NODE+".inMessageList[0].inMessage")`;

setAttr $listInput[0] 10;

Though, tbh I don't think you even need the connection, I just like to do that in case names change.  Could also try:

setAttr pointOnCurveInfo1.parameter 0.1;

without the ` or "

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This stuff can be a bit tricky and takes a bit of thinking how to structure the graph to evaluate properly.
Doing setAttr/getAttr is best done from a node in the downstream graph of the one that got the set/getAttr command applied on.
But it can be in parallel chain too. Often if the setup is not correct you don't get updated data, or it is out of sync.
Kind of hard to express what i mean.
Better provide us a scene and we will try to set it up in a way that it works.
It will be much clear then.
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Thanks guys. just run out of time right now but I will have another play and get back.
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