• Would be pretty cool to get access to the group node for selection purposes via the UI somehow, specifically the range controls.
  • Also Hide/Show cage toggle switch - as I like to see the mesh in between operations as I build
  • My version doesnt have the refresh icon at the top for some reason.
  • Also seems to be a workflow ambiguity on my part perhaps because Im not a real modeller but when I go to select the object using the object select arrow on the UI Im expecting it to be in object selection mode as well. instead it stays in component selection mode. Not sure if this is confusing to others as it is to me.
  • Would you consider a name change? "Components Manager" maybe or SSModToolset (Soup's Surface Modelling toolset)
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- There is no group node involved here. Just code that handles list of components.
- good idea about hide/show the cage, will do
- final version does not have the refresh button, code handles this automatically
- i am forcing component selection with the arrow key. Expectation is that in this UI you are working with components. Can change it to object selection if there is other requests about it.
- Good idea - name change will make sense. Will do. Components manager sounds good.

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I edited this post because some of my requests are based on my own bad workflows.

Ive realised you need to use this tool in conjunction with other editors like Channel Editor, Tool settings etc. I have some more requests though perhaps not all of them are relevant.

  • Seems I need to keep using the 'select object' tool and then 'set base object' again for new items to appear on the list
  • Have the ability to re-order list (middle mouse drag items up or down)
  • Ability to group items so they can be hidden/shown in the list using drop downs - see attachment
  • Left align options with clearspace on the UI - see attachment
  • Also some operations that have been performed earlier on in the model's lifetime and then changed again later will disrupt more recent operations. Maybe if there is some color that identifies the latest modifier for the similar operation that can be easily identified on the list as it grows larger could be helpful (like those little light bars you have on the instance manager for the current selected layer) - see attachment
  • Following on from this, what about low lighting or dulling out list items that dont contain any components(it used to have components but were later all removed) therefore do we need a delete list item button? Also by indicating it is empty it could be used again at some stage rather than deleting it. - see attachment

Component Manager.png
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