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You don't have permission to access /wiki/index.php/Main_Page on this server.


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There seems to be a complication on the host side. I contacted the support and they will look into the problem. I think in the next couple of hours things should be back to normal.
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Still no Wiki. I really would like this up so at least documentation can develop further. Does anyone have a offline version I can grab?!
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Hello! I'm new here and am needing the Wiki as well, so for now I found a cached version.
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I'm going to get back into SOuP once I get it installed on my new computer at work. (Some issues there) I am finally at a place with 2013.5 so I'll be able to get back into updating the wiki and docs and try to get other people on the wiki to help too. 
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Welcome back Dave.

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Hi people.

I'm asking myself if this intention to make SOuP documentations is still alive.

I'm not requesting nothing, but I'd like to know if the fact of make an insane amount of questions with the focus of complete the documentation would be a nuisance for anyone, specially for Peter Shipkov, that in a lot of cases gonna be the only one capable to answer some questions.

Agentfx, Dave, I would like to help you to complete Soup Documentation Wiki.

I know about Soup since two years ago, but I've been doing another things before study SOuP and right now I'm starting.

I see a lot of examples, but very little documentation, very little "theory" where base the examples, and in many cases, appears more a matter of learn how to do something specific than be able to use all in a flexible way.

Well, exist any impediment or opposition?.

Where I should start to make questions, here, or in other thread for questions for make the documentation?.

A greeting, by the way.

Let's complete SOuP documentation.
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Well, yes.
Thing is no one has the time to do and that.
For now we go with the exchanging info on the forums, looking at example files and checking video tutorials.

You are most welcome to help. Ask you questions and we will answer. Don't forget to search the forums - there are a lot of answered questions laying around.
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