Has anybody got this combination to work? CUDA 5 on RHEL 7? It doesn't seem to be officially supported but I need to maintain some legacy software so was wondering if anybody here has tried and got this combination working.

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I am on Fedora here, sorry mate, cannot help.
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Sorry for the thread hijack...

You're on Fedora, Peter? If you don't mind me asking, what version and with what version of Maya? I wasn't able to get Maya 2016 running on Fedora 23 a few months back. No matter what dependencies I installed or OS changes I made the installer wouldn't complete. And I do miss KDE 5...

In relation to the thread, I feel like CUDA 5 should be able to run, if not on 7 but on 6. I can't speak for certain, I'm not a developer, and we are (officially) on CUDA 8 now by NVIDIA's timeframe.
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On Fedora23 i run Maya 2016, 2016.5 and 2017.
It worked almost entirely out of the box.
I had to make 2 minor tweaks - one for playing audio in maya, the other ... hmm ... cannot remember anymore, but it was minor, nothing show-stopping.

Cannot comment about CUDA on different platforms outside of what i use really.
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