Just sharing free script. Really simple but handy one for those who heavily use Outliner and have lots of stuff going on in there. 

Color Marker is a small Outliner management script for Autodesk Maya that will allow you to add some colors in Outliner making it way easier to see and arrange stuff if you are dealing with lots of poly objects, deformers, constraints, joints...etc. A lot of people complained about the new icons after Maya 2016 was first released, especially guys who are doing rigging/animation type of work. This script should hopefully make things a bit easier not only for rigging/animation type of work but also managing objects while modeling heavy scenes.

> Maya 2016, 2016.5, 2017
> Maya LT 2016, 2016.5, 2017
All versions from Maya 2015 and older don't have this feature so it's can't be used or make it work with older version of Maya

Gumroad download link - you can download without making account on it if you don't have one > https://gum.co/wIQWA
Overview > 

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That's pretty cool.
Thanks for sharing.
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New version is out - Color Marker v2.0

What's New in v2.0:
> Option to set "Viewport" color - color for object(mesh) wireframes, locators, curves, deformers, joints, emiters...
> Set same color for the Outliner and in the Viewport at the same time
> Color correction for Outliner

Gumroad link > https://gum.co/wIQWA
Overview >

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