Hey Guys,

Im having trouble adding a polycleanup into my script.

All I want to do is remove non manifold geo inside of a workflow automation script im writing. For some reason if you add the cleanup command in mel maya freezes every time
I only have the Nonmanifold geo option set so im wondering if there is a better way to do this through script

this is what i used
polyCleanupArgList 3 { "0","1","1","0","0","0","0","0","0","1e-005","0","1e-005","0","1e-005","0","1","0" };

thank you,
Let me know

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import maya.cmds as cmds
import maya.mel as mel

obj =

mel.eval('polyCleanupArgList obj { "0","1","1","0","0","0","0","0","0","1e-005","0","1e-005","0","1e-005","0","1","0" };')

Your 3 is deciding what gets cleaned, above I designed obj to whatever you have selected and then run clean-up to your selection.
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When I replace 3 with OBJ the script runs all the way through now the only thing is it doesn't clean any of the non-manifold geometry anymore. it says there was none found. but if I run a polyInfo command then it says there are non-manifold vertices and edges still.

I wish there was more documentation on this poly cleanup command.

Any idea why this is?

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I dont have a solution but I ran across the same problem before when try to use SOuPs shatter and then running the polyCleanup on that - nothing happened. Bug?
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