Hello guys. I'am trying to place spheres on top of bifrost particles. Scattering goes ok if i do it through instancing or copier, but if i want to set for my spheres random size they start changing their size from frame to frame. is it any right way to do that? from my side i think i do it wrong.

i try to make something like stylized foam setup


1.PNG  2.PNG

two playblast examples

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You will need "radiusPP" attribute associated to the points of the bifost sim to be able to keep the spheres radius under control.
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I use this trick to keep random assigned values on the copier node from popping form frame to frame. 
I use the point Cloud to mesh node to assign each point to a specific vert(I find even with many particles this doesnt take very long to do.)
Then I plug that into the Mesh2Array node to assign a random float to each vert(make sure type is set to mesh Vertex) 
then I connect the random float or vector to the Copier scale input
ps sorry for my drawn connection in my screen grab i forgot to make it before it took it  Capture.PNG 
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rolfcoppter, i try make setup like you said, but it seems not working,  spheres still popping(

Guys, can you look at my scene please?
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