Hey Guys,

A while ago i remember on the odforce forums there was a video going around about filling gaps in flip simulations to get a thin sheet look out of water simulations. Those gaps were filled in post solve too. I am wondering if this could be done using bifrost, soup and BE_VDB plugins. I want to challenge my self and try to get the same effect I just need a little guidance to make sure I'm approaching it correct.

-There is a link to the forum page in the description. 

Do you guys think this is possible to do with the given tools? Or is this something that would require more of a custom script and not just the use of nodes?

Potential Workflow:

1. With Bifrost Cache scatter points around the simulated partcles.
   - Scatter points based on distance from original points or convert to low res vdb from particles with a high radius and scatter within that volume. 

2. Find out which points would be within my point cloud and which would be outside using the KD tree and the point node to assign a weight to all the points 0 if outside and 1 if inside.

3. Delete points based on attribute.

4. Merge with original simulation convert to VDBfromParticles the using VDBconvert node convert to mesh. 

Does this sound correct to everyone or am I way over my head here?

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