a newbie question : I'd like to plug the tension map output into a maya colorPerVertex node, in order to drive groom properties in a fur setup.

This is a Yeti node graph that takes a Maya vector (array) attribute as input  - presumably - from the colorPerVertex data. Assuming this will update the cpv values per frame, and spare the step of writing out tex maps.

Using the tension map demo scene as a starting point, I tried plugging various soup ops into a polyColorPerVertex1 node. But none of the connections seem to match.

Yeti dev info :"In Yeti 2.0 color sets are transferred from the input mesh to the mesh in Yeti to the scattered points. When you right click on the Scattered points you should see the attribute listed in the node info"

Any ideas?

Thank you,
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I don't have a lot of experience with Yeti.
The tension map node can generates vertex colors itself.
But I think you need to create a color set and dump the generated vertex colors there, correct ?
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Thanks for your reply. Great that the tension map updates color per vertex dynamically. Accessing the colorSet1 actually works right off the bat and scattered points/fibres inherit it once the attribute is setup in the yeti graph.

To follow up on your question, I also like to understand better the underlying data schemes and flows. Admittedly, I need to learn more about mayas mesh objects, complex and multi data etc. Any soup specific points of reference here?

One example, I didnt manage to plug any soup node outputs (arrayToPointColor, etc) into the colorPerVertex node, eg to transfer tension colors to a duplicate mesh... Still lost there.
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I played a bit with the nodes. It might help. I think you need the bottom branch.


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