• RedShift 2.0

    Started by oglu: RedShift 2.0 went live. Key Redshift 2.0 features Volumetrics (OpenVDB) – Render clouds, smoke, fire and other volumetric effects with...

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  • Disable acwebbrowser.exe

    Started by ruchit: Hi is there any way to disable acwebbrowser.exe auto startup at Maya 2016.5 startup ?? This are causing Maya slow startup.

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  • SeExpr

    Started by oglu: looks interesting... http://www.disneyanimation.com/technology/seexpr.html

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  • LISP

    Started by toho: According to this site http://around-the-corner.typepad.com/adn/2016/04/maya-to-be-included-in-one-lisp-campaign.html may will support LISP...

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  • expression

    Started by kishxn: pointsOnMeshInfo gives outNormalPP(closest normal direction values).. but how to I get closest normal direction is reverse or not???? i want...

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  • Miarmy

    Started by Jostein: A Massive knock of for Maya...looks veery interesting.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyEHE_LIIvM feature=player_embedded

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  • rotationPP expression

    Started by kishxn: genraly i get rotationPP from pointsOnMeshInfo(outRotationPP) Node..... how to i get rotationPP, from outNormalPP+outTangentPP? any expressions...

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    Started by kishxn: MESH- TRANSFER ATTR(UV TRANSFER)_PROBLEM how to fix this problem? 1.holfmanshape(make live) 2.create particle on holfmanshape 3.particle-...

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  • 2016.5 MASH/Type Tutorials

    Started by ianwaters: Hey team, Thought I'd post this here as this is where it all began ;) I've put up a whole bunch of tutorials for 2016.5 for MASH and Type. Hope you...

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  • Parallel Maya - Maya 2016 features for accelerating playback and manipulation of animated scenes

    Started by JeremyR: Came across this while on Autodesk website, thought Id throw it out there. Maya 2016 accelerates existing scenes by taking better advantage of your...

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  • Maya 2016.5

    Started by David l: Seemes theres a lot of nice stuff in the new release, what caught my attention was that mash also can create geometry now. I hope this is a beefed up...

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  • SolidAngle joins Autodesk

    Started by noizfactory: https://www.fxguide.com/featured/autodesk-buys-arnold-2/ Fun times for Maya users ahead.

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  • vdb-painter

    Started by fxwriter: very cool tool! thought Id share http://microbot.ch/new/vdb-painter/

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  • CG Blood

    Started by fxwriter: Hi guys! So here at work we are getting more and more blood shots. It seems like productions now a days are wanting to save costs in the set and...

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  • Particle Color to Fluid Color

    Started by MuadDib: Hi all, I've browsed the forums and searched online but haven't found a solution yet. I've got a particle emitter that emits particles based on the...

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  • Any news for maya 2017?

    Started by matzerium: Does anybody has some news about the new maya 2017? Is bifrost fully integrated? Any news welcome! :)

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  • Is Maya development in danger ?

    Started by viki164: I heard many talented people from the development side including Adrian got layed off ! I believe he was a key member for bifrost other dynamics...

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  • instances and procedurals

    Started by oglu: im wondering what the real differnce between procedurals and instances are..? isnt that the same thing...? woulnt it be the same if i instace some...

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  • DMM 2016 is out

    Started by Thomixioso: http://www.pixelux.com/forums/announcement.php?f=41

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  • DMM 2016

    Started by Thomixioso: some news about DMM for Maya 2016 http://www.pixelux.com/forums/entry.php?1315-Progress-on-the-new-DMM-Plugin-for-Maya-2016

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  • procedural node project c++

    Started by jujut: Hi all, I present a new project that i am working on. So any critic or comment are welcome. This project is in my head since a lot of time so i...

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  • nParticle Nearest neighbor Node

    Started by rolfcoppter: Hey guys, I have seen many posts on this forum about nearest neighbor evaluations and is where i got the idea for this node. Potentially will be...

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  • Timing a shatter using soup

    Started by n4vdeep: Hi Sorry if this is a silly question and also if its in the wrong place, I'm new to soup and this forum. I was wondering how we time a shatter...

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  • 3ds max creation graph

    Started by oglu: even its max its an interesting read... http://area.autodesk.com/blogs/mcgblog/the-array-looping-cook-book

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  • Texture Lookup Map & Augmented Reality

    Started by ruchit: Hi, Anybody ever tried to generate lookup map in Maya to project texture on 3d Object for Augmented Reality ?? Here is Disney Research Link ...

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