• Houdini solver equivalent in Maya?

    Started by maozi: This might be complete random but I wonder if anyone know if there is a workflow to mimic Houdini's "solver" node inside maya?

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  • Attaching an existing nCache sequence

    Started by mecca76: I just noticed what seems to be a bug in Maya 2017 2017 and took me ages to realize what was causing it. The annoying issue was basically that I...

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  • VertexColors to texture

    Started by ljilekor: Hi When I use the tensionBlendshape tool I can 'see' compressing and stretching poly's are colored green and red. I'd like to connect those red and...

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  • neural networks for fluid simulations

    Started by pshipkov: http://sungsoo.github.io/2017/01/09/neural-network-learns-the-physics-of-fluids-and-smoke.html

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  • nParticle goal issues

    Started by nextheory: I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this issue, I've been hitting a wall and I know I've done this before but it doesn't seem to work on...

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  • FumeFX FDX to OpenVDB Converter ?

    Started by rolfcoppter: Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a format converter for fumeFX FDX files to Open VDB. FumeFX does simulate directly to open VDB...

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  • Color Marker - colors in Outliner - free script

    Started by klaudio2u: Hi, Just sharing free script. Really simple but handy one for those who heavily use Outliner and have lots of stuff going on in there. Color...

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  • texture reference object changing point count

    Started by fxwriter: Since this isnt a Soup node specific question I went into the free for all.... I have a dynamic fracture object thats being done in Thinking...

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  • mGear for Maya2017

    Started by oglu: Miguel uploaded a new version of mGear... https://gumroad.com/l/mgear https://vimeo.com/groups/mgear

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  • SouP is visible in plugin but

    Started by VancliffDesign: I installed soup in Maya 2017 sp1 the plugin appears in the plugin list but the shelve and the soup menu dont. The first time I installed it it was...

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  • Maya Parallel 2017 PDF

    Started by oglu: an updated doc is now online... http://download.autodesk.com/us/company/files/2017/UsingParallelMaya.pdf

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  • Voronoi scatter / shatter - Problems with Maya units

    Started by cybotic: I'm having trouble applying a Voronoi shatter with Maya units set to meters... So for this example I'm just using a simple 1 unit cube.. The graph...

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  • Google and Maya

    Started by JeremyR: Google is collaborating with Autodesk to launch Autodesk Maya, a new cloud-optimized animation, modeling, and rendering service. 3D scenes are...

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  • Ziva Dynamics

    Started by noizfactory: Some really cool tech by the ex-Tissue folks: https://vimeo.com/186483248

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  • Arnold-Changing Point Count-Motion Blur: New Info!

    Started by animatedfox: Yes, the name of this post has some of the hottest topics in CG. I am getting sooo close to cracking this wide open. I know there is someone out...

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  • CUDA 5 and CentOS/RHEL 7

    Started by noizfactory: Has anybody got this combination to work? CUDA 5 on RHEL 7? It doesn't seem to be officially supported but I need to maintain some legacy software so...

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  • myriadgrains

    Started by oglu: great visuals done with this tool... http://myriadgrains.com/ https://vimeo.com/183727799

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  • Helios released...

    Started by oglu: interesting tool... http://www.thibh.com/helios/

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  • Simit programming language

    Started by JeremyR: Looks pretty cool, Im not sure where level sets methods fall into this but these guys must know what they are doing. http://simit-lang.org ...

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  • openvdb for arnold and maya 2017

    Started by Godneyo: hello im a super noob, does the soup openvdb for maya and mtoa works with maya 2017 anyone tried already?

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  • Buyers tips, GPU?

    Started by Geuse: Hi. So, is it free to ask questions such as this in here? I need a new GPU. Seems Nvidia GTX 970 is still most valued for money. But would a quadro...

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  • Autodesk MASH

    Started by oglu: looks like a good news... https://mash.mainframe.co.uk/

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  • USD

    Started by pechart: Just in case anybody missed it... I guess this will have a huge impact on the way we're working, and hopefully will bring a big benefit for smaller...

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  • BOSS

    Started by oglu: if someone hasnt seen it yet... Igor has postet some stuff of his RnD for the bierfrost ocean sim system on vimeo... https://vimeo.com/177987938 ...

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  • MaterialX

    Started by oglu: beside USD there is coming some more open source, now for materials... http://www.materialx.org/

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