• Khan Academy

    Started by JeremyR: Came across this a few weeks ago, a treasure trove of free tutorials - math - science -physics etc etc. This guy is pretty smart and has a great...

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  • MandelBrot designs

    Started by JeremyR: I was looking up the new Mandelbrot textures in Maya 2013 and came across this Vimeo site, these are amazing. http://vimeo.com/41558647

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  • randomize instancer

    Started by oglu: im working trough a tutorial here... and im wondering is it really the only way to get randomized instaces to use expressions and custom...

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  • help document

    Started by xiaohuan2011: Hello everybody!! I want to ask a question:How can I download the help document of SOuP on the Viki to my own computer?? Or is there another file for...

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  • Autodesk reshuffles Softimage dev team

    Started by Thomixioso: interesting news: Link

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  • Dynamics vs. Control

    Started by pechart: Hi! I have a question regarding a specific effect. I want to do something like this: http://vimeo.com/14296909 So, I have several...

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  • Maya 2013 - Open Data

    Started by noizfactory: area.autodesk.com/blogs/cory/announcing_maya_2013 Hmm... looks like tools like SOuP and increasing popularity of Houdini has managed to finally...

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  • Kivy looks sweet!

    Started by JeremyR: Hey guys check this out if you havent already done so. From my limited knowledge in programming I think its really cool. Its a Python based framework...

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  • Precision Issue (a.k.a zero origin issue)

    Started by noizfactory: A common issue with animating characters in a large scene is getting too far away from the world origin and having minor deformation values or skin...

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  • Houdini - Shatter node

    Started by m0z: after getting no response at all at the houdini forums for whatever reason, I'm hoping someone here can help me that has experience with Houdini....

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  • FirePro7900 !

    Started by pshipkov: Long story short - i have been using nVidia hardware for very long time. Back then i had some ATI driver issues that made me go to the competition...

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  • T-Shirt and body stocking

    Started by ourouk: I just discovered the nodal soup tshirt...very geek, I love that ! I bought one for me, and a body stocking for my 8 months baby girl. She'll rock...

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  • Wing

    Started by Elizeusz: Hi. Was some from You using wing to write scripts and plugins for maya?

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  • Hello!

    Started by Kornelius: I've been following you a lot before writing my first post! You guys are doing a great job, keep it up! My name is Simone and I'm working in London...

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  • Geometric Algebra

    Started by JeremyR: Is this a new concept in CG? I get the impression modern CG uses linear algebra so will GA become the new OOP? Does Maya implement GA in its...

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  • FiberMesh - ZBrush 4R2b

    Started by SGIFreak: it looks awesome http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/features/zbrush4r2b/overview/

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  • Scene scale and fluids

    Started by Elizeusz: I know that people do scenes in 1 to 1 scale but in this situation sometimes fluids conteiners must be very big which can stop computer. Is this...

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  • everything but FX.

    Started by Thomixioso: Hello guys, I have crazy thought. Do you know Minecraft game? I guess you do. What is it about? It is all about transforming your imaginary world...

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  • creating one mesh from more than one nParticleShape in Maya

    Started by asimdan: Hello to every one.can any one help me in creating one mesh from more thn one nParticle shape. I actually wanna to make color mix effect in maya...

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  • Coral. Nodal C++ library

    Started by DickyT: This is very, very cool.. http://vimeo.com/29918148

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  • Can I change the creation of the forceEvalUpresFluidInBatchMode script node?

    Started by djx: When rendering on machines without SOuP, the forceEvalUpresFluidInBatchMode script node throws up a warning, "Unknown object...

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  • bad or great shirt idea

    Started by agentfx: I'm working with SOuP and an animator looks over and says "that's whats great about maya, so nodal" I laughed and said I'm going to make a...

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  • upres fluid node is running very slow

    Started by willanie: I have a maya 99x92x99 voxel dimension 15x14x15 fluid node which is being upres'd and cached to disk. The first few frames of the simulation take...

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  • GPU Fluids

    Started by Elizeusz: I found this http://www.foliativ.net/book/index.php?post/2011/03/04/Cuda-Fluid-Solver-Plugin looks good for me :)

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  • Mathematic Nodes

    Started by floW: interesting stuff: http://www.cgdna.com/web/mathematic-nodes-main

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