• Timing a shatter using soup

    Started by n4vdeep: Hi Sorry if this is a silly question and also if its in the wrong place, I'm new to soup and this forum. I was wondering how we time a shatter...

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  • 3ds max creation graph

    Started by oglu: even its max its an interesting read... http://area.autodesk.com/blogs/mcgblog/the-array-looping-cook-book

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  • Texture Lookup Map & Augmented Reality

    Started by ruchit: Hi, Anybody ever tried to generate lookup map in Maya to project texture on 3d Object for Augmented Reality ?? Here is Disney Research Link ...

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  • Short animation made with SOuP

    Started by KacperSoup: Good day everyone, may I present you my last project made with SOuP nodes. Nodes used: - Scatter / Shatter - Transfer Attributes - Peak - Group -...

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  • instancer (normal & tangent)

    Started by kishxn: see this seen file..... in this scene,the instancer movement is not good(soft)...its moves very hard(jitter)... pls help me..what can i do...

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  • 3dsmax

    Started by kishxn: 1.which one is best, big and detailed flocking system? which one is best software for flocking system....maya or 3dsmax . 2.pflow is free 3dsmax...

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  • Bifrost vertex color delay/smear

    Started by noiseOfId: Hi, I am fetching the the velocity per vertex from bifrost and use it in my shading network which works very well and giving the impression of...

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  • Bifrost Points particle position to VDB

    Started by noiseOfId: Hi, I have successfully converted my bifrost foam caches to prt files so i can get them into krakatoa. Now I want to take it a step further and try...

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  • rbfSuite Node

    Started by viki164: https://vimeo.com/143902700

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  • Toon shading questions.

    Started by mayamatrix: I'm trying to achieve an anime style toon shader but need help on how to proceed. My goal is the fantastic looking "Guilty Gear Xrd"...

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  • Particle Flocker (not free but its just 20 Euros )

    Started by viki164: http://particleflocker.techtoast.co.uk/

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  • Procedural Content Creation

    Started by Zeedorf: I just wondering that Autodesk is aiming to develope it for 3ds Max (not for maya) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iOoYBFbAq4

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  • Fabric Engine new videos.

    Started by Thomixioso: http://fabricengine.com/fabric-engine-2-siggraph-2015-demos/ Join Beta, it is evolving very well. Canvas editor rulez!

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  • Maya2016 EXT1

    Started by pechart: Maya's 2016 Extension was just announced by Autodesk. Does anybody know, if that shell deformer the presentator uses at the end of the clip is bound...

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  • dpk paintdeform

    Started by oglu: is there an alternative delta smooth brush solution for maya..? the dpk is to slow on dense meshes... its taking ages... ...

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  • Render Realflow Motionblur in Maya

    Started by pechart: Hi! This is not really SOuP related, but maybe someone of the pros here has an idea. I already asked over at chaosgroup/nextlimit. So, I have...

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  • Thanks!

    Started by JeremyR: Just want to give a shout out to those members who have donated. As you know this website and forum relies on your support to keep it going and...

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  • surface tension rig

    Started by David l: For the longest time I have been trying to come up with a technique for creating interactive surface tension, I finally succeeded with soup and...

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  • [REQ] Free .obj person

    Started by JeremyR: Require a royalty free 3D element for a concept shot Im working on. Needs to be a guy or girl in common attire either walking or standing still....

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  • 3DCG Visualization of Supercomputational Heart Simulation

    Started by Kakushi_52: I directed the following work, " Multi-scale, Multi-physics Heart Simulator UT-Heart ". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LPboySOSvo I...

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  • GPU Cache

    Started by rajubuddha: Hi Peter, I am working with GPU cache in maya 2014 and trying to get hardware shading on GPU Cache, is there any way for it?, as GPU cache plugin...

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  • Maya 2016

    Started by Thomixioso: videos from new version here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Autodesk/videos

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  • tcHarmonciDefomer

    Started by Sleng: The tcHarmonciDefomer is a free form deformer that uses a closed mesh (cage) to deform an higher resolution mesh. Its implementation is based on...

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  • Free non-commercial RenderMan

    Started by Ruslan: Free RenderMan will be available soon. With no limitations, no watermaks, no time limits. http://renderman.pixar.com/view/DP25849

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  • Fabric Canvas

    Started by combi: Hi guys, This is so exciting! http://fabricengine.com/canvas-videos/

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