• First use of rayProject node and this is my first problem

    Started by incitement: Hello I have two shapes // terrain + plane //. when i connect the terrain to the node with OutMesh to inCollisionMesh and then i try to connect the...

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  • Rotating Plane to always Face Camera

    Started by rolfcoppter: Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to have a plane always face camera without having to manually use an Aim constraint. Basically, I...

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  • The soup menu adds vdb to the original tool shelf on the menu

    Started by Bruce Lee: I feel the click on the tool shelf on the vdb icon pop up the menu to do very well. I like the classification of its nodes. soup's marked menu of...

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  • Example files

    Started by inaizy: I was looking for the example .ma files and all the links I can find seem to be dead, are these still hosted somewhere?

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  • Simpler and more efficient intelligent connection

    Started by Bruce Lee: soup's intelligent connection function can be used without setting the shortcut keys? Every time you need to press a key, and then press the left...

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  • Missing Soup.MEL within Zip Folder

    Started by AK: I'm new to plug ins in maya, and I cannot seem to find the .MEL file that comes in the zip folder when it's downloaded. I followed the instructions...

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  • pyExpression and batch rendering.

    Started by FruehBird: I am using the pyExpression node to randomly create and animate points which is then piped into a dynamic array node and from there into an...

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  • This solver node can not enter vdb data

    Started by Bruce Lee: This solver node can not enter vdb data Support iteration vdb data, make it more perfect! thank peter!

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  • realflowMeshToPointColor

    Started by Bruce Lee: hi! peter I am now in the work encountered a very difficult problem. can you help me! I have uploaded my file. I use realflow generated abc...

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  • VoxelGrid no local transforming

    Started by JeremyR: So I have a boat mesh bobbing around in the ocean, attached to it is a voxelGrid pointsOnMeshInfo copier. Strange thing is, as the boats pitches...

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  • arrayToUV

    Started by Bruce Lee: hi, peter I tried to set the UV for the VDB grid, but I failed. Can you take a look at my maya project? what should I do. thank peter!

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  • Procedural Bevel with rules

    Started by rolfcoppter: Hey guys, I'm trying to make a procedural bevel setup based on some created rules. I have tried a few different ideas but can't seem the get it...

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  • Array Expression Help

    Started by rolfcoppter: Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around the array expression node when the array has more than one value per index. I want to...

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  • instance manager

    Started by s.karlov: I'm creating a flower meadow with 300000 points and when bake to mesh instance manager is crashing. Is that normal? converting to particles do's not...

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  • Cleaning Up Non Manifold GEO SCRIPT

    Started by rolfcoppter: Hey Guys, Im having trouble adding a polycleanup into my script. All I want to do is remove non manifold geo inside of a workflow automation script...

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  • Tiles Question

    Started by Bennell: I can't watch the Tiles video for reason, so I 'm wondering if that toolset can be used for or extended for scales like Animal Logic's RepTile?

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  • Combine Group Nodes

    Started by rolfcoppter: Hey guys, I'm wondering if there is a way to combining two or more group nodes together. I Have 2 group nodes that both already have an input...

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  • SchMASH - Copier fun

    Started by JeremyR: Just playin around with the copier node and having fun. Use the Controller transform extra attributes to change placement etc.

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  • PFX - growing leaf animation

    Started by Debbie: Hi there Is it possible with SOUP to offset the animations of the instances according to the growth of the tree? For example I would like to animate...

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  • PFX

    Started by Debbie: Hi there, I´m new with SOUP, and I´m studing the scenes that is available from site, but I and up with a problem. I have a scene that my pFX has a...

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  • Remesh node localised with group node

    Started by hadonai: Hi, Is it possible to use the remesh node only on some part of the mesh, like what we can do with the group node hooked to the input components? ...

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  • Group node - Depth and Edge length

    Started by JeremyR: I have a set of edge components that I want to reduce but it appears that the group nodes edge length and depth only increase the selection and not...

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  • tension direction?

    Started by Dan Andersen: Any way to get the direction of mesh stretch/compression? Would like to use it to drive anisotropy direction of specular (to cheat something like...

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  • Reaction Diffusion

    Started by JeremyR: question since I cannot get this working from scratch, what makes the weight components grow over time using KDTree? I thought that this was just...

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  • morph weight keeps current position

    Started by fxwriter: I want to use the morph node for a freezing surface effect. What I have is a plane thats being deformed and my hero plane is morphed to it with a...

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